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Christmas Decorating Ideas For This Season

Christmas Decorating Ideas
If you are anything like most people, December 1st mark an annual tradition. Start pulling those green Rubbermaid bins down from the attic, up from the basement, or out from under the bed. String up the trusty old lights, well worn Christmas decorations, and the seen better days Nativity Set. Put on some Christmas music, start making the eggnog, and you are off to a great start.

But in case you're looking for a bit more this Christmas-a bit of decorating moxie, perhaps-here are five ideas that you can put into practice this Christmas season.

Why just one Christmas tree?

Here's a great idea to multiply the Christmas spirit all around the house-add more Christmas trees. It may sound bizarre, it is actually a relatively inexpensive and enjoyable way to decorate. If you don't already own a few Christmas trees from bygone eras, you can purchase one for a few dollars during the post-Christmas sales. Instead of a single tree in one corner of your living room, try putting up one large tree and one or two additional smaller trees. Put a miniature tree in the dining room, family room, or even a bedroom. With a few lights, beads, and bows, you can elegantly decorate your tree and spread the holiday cheer around the house.

No white Christmas? Bring it inside.

If there is no snow falling, but you're longing for a white Christmas, don't despair. You can bring the white Christmas inside. You can evoke images of a glistening icy tree by using white ribbon, silver garland, white drop ornaments, and white lights on your tree. To suggest drifts of snow, add white cotton to the mantel and prop Christmas decorations in it. Put paper snowflakes in the windows as a decorative plus. If you're not opposed to cleaning up after the holiday has passed, you can purchase fake snow at most decorating stores and spread it strategically around decorations for an added effect.

Freshen up the Walls.

You may have stellar decorating taste, but come Christmastime, the existing wall artwork just doesn't match the holiday mood. Try buying some Christmas prints, similar in size, but with different subject matter. A painting of a Christmas tree, a lovely winter scene, or holiday images can totally change a room from what it once was.

Realizing Wreath Power.

Wreaths are an oft overlooked, but incredibly powerful design choice. While wreaths look great on doors, they also function great as indoor decoration also. Instead of your typical pictures or paintings on the walls, replace them with a series of wreaths. Wreaths can vary in style and color. You can even use wreaths woven with Christmas lights. In case you want to add a beautiful scent and fresh appeal to your wreath decorating, purchase wreaths made from real trees. You could also hang mini wreaths in your windows or even try a wreath as a centerpiece on your table.
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