Sabtu, 29 November 2014

China Cabinet Makeover

Even though I have everything in it and it looks finished it's not. It's painted but I still need to sand it, distress it (a little) and wax it. That will happen Friday but I just was too excited with how it turned out that I had to share it with you! Once I get the paste wax on it it will tone down the stark-white look it has now.
I bought this off of Craigslist for only $125. It's from the 1960's and it's a really good quality piece of furniture (dovetail drawers, etc). I couldn't decide which photo I liked best so I put them all on here!
Here is the before photo. I forgot to take a picture before it was separated into two pieces and there wasn't anyone around to help me lift it up so this is what I have to show...
Below is what it looked like after I stripped the finish off and I was in the middle of sanding it. Some of sanding I do with a power sander and some I do by hand (and my tendinitis in my elbow is killing me)!
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