Kamis, 06 November 2014

Bathroom Lighting, Looking Good!

 Lighting in the bathroom can get tricky, especially for large bathrooms. Over a bathroom cabinet, everyone is going to have a mirror, but how much room is there for lighting? Sometimes you are forced to put the sconce up above the mirror.

 Light fixtures in the bathroom become very important when you take shadows into account.  Bathroom vanities and grooming stations can serve you better when the lighting is only 5' high, instead of overhead. The shadows will be cast down below your face, and give you better lighting near you face.

Using the 3 types of lighting: Ceiling lights are important for ambient lighting, or over-all lighting.  Wall sconces are your task lights, and extra lights over art is accent lighting.

 Pendant lighting can also work for vanity lights, but keep in mind this adds a completely different style to the overall look of your bathroom.

 Lighting ideas are so plentiful. It's best to start with inspiration pictures of complete bathrooms that you like, and then see if there is a common trait in the lighting.  See if you can get help at a local lighting store too.  Sales staff often know a lot about what bathrooms need.

At the end of the day, lighting near the bathroom vanity and cabinets becomes more important long after choosing the fixtures and wall color. After all, it's your face you'll see in that mirror everyday!
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