Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014

Bedroom Interior Design Tips

The room is probably the most important room in the house because it is in what to escape the bustle of the world. The fact that the room is a place of rest means that the decoration should be such that an enabling environment is created for it. 

Make sure doors and windows are of the highest quality. The best choices are the windows and doors in PVC. These windows and doors are not only durable but also have great aesthetic value and can give your room a  immediately. These doors and windows are also monsoons, termites, dust, and are soundproofed and energy savings. 

The best person for a room interior design is a professional. Interior designers have the training and experience to do a good job. You will actually save money when you hire an interior designer, because it means you do not have to buy the tools, equipment and materials necessary for the job. Interior design takes time and energy and may interfere with their work / business or social life and should, therefore, consider outsourcing the task. 

The room decor should match the rest of the house. Do not compete with it. When you hire an interior designer to decorate your home, make sure he / she does the bedroom. 

Choose a new location for your computer and other electronic devices. Electronics have no place in the room, and that disrupt sleep and prevent you from getting a restful sleep. You should even consider banishing your cell phone in your bedroom. 

The selection of furniture is very important in decorating the room. Equally important is how to organize the various items of furniture. The device should be such that make your bedroom a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. The bed should be luxurious and the color should be such that evokes calm and happy feelings. If you have limited space, opt for a monochromatic color scheme for your bed wardrobe. 

As part of the decor of the room, to maximize the use of the area of ​​the storage chamber. Use lockers (closets walk-in closets and not overwhelming) and storage systems under-the-bed whenever possible. Make sure there is more natural light in the room as possible. Windows should be such as to allow the sunlight and the color of the wall should be smooth so that the lighting is overwhelming. Use lighting to illuminate dark corners. 

Follow the principles of Feng  and include a number of plants in the room for balance and harmony in your life. Plants liven up the room. Keep the room free of clutter. 

An important tip in the interior decoration of the room was that you have to consider what is in fashion. This is important because it ensures you will not change the decor of your bedroom just months after decoration. You can read about what is in style magazines and renovation design and interior Discussion forums, blogs and other online communities. You can visit the best hotels in advice on what is and what is not. You can also find inspiration from the websites of the leading interior designers.
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